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How activist Amrita Hepi uses dance to work shit out

The “dance maker” explains why movement is an antidote to shame and how society tells girls to stop dancing.

The Cusp

Collaboration Is The Way: A Chat With Dance Maker Amrita Hepi

We all have a drive within, and considering we humans are a curious bunch, it’s always fascinating to know what fuels that drive in others. Here we chat to Australian dance maker, Amrita Hepi, about what she’s learnt from collaborations that have inspired her and why she thinks being a ‘good dancer’ isn’t necessarily about your moves.

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Catalogue Magazine

Amrita Talks Power in Pop Culture, Dancing Through Shame and Identity

"...Be angry, be assertive, be kind, whatever it takes; just don’t accept less than what you’re worth."

Time Out Sydney

Amrita Hepi was in the final creative phase of her dance-theatre work Passing, with New Zealand-born dancer and spoken-word artist Jahra Wasasala, when Beyoncé dropped her first Lemonade single and film clip, ‘Formation’.

Ladies Of Leisure

Amrita Hepi in conversation with Tamsin Rose

Amrita Hepi’s creative practice is multidisciplinary and rooted in her rich cultural heritage. We caught up with Amrita to talk about commanding attention at the Opera House, working with Indigenous communities the right way, and being a lush.

Concrete Playground

How to Dance Your Shame Away with Sydney Choreographer Amrita Hepi

If you've ever felt awkward or put in a corner, Amrita wants to help you dance through it.

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Sydney Morning Herald

BingeFest: Amrita Hepi brings Beyonce and Rihanna on to the dance floor

Time Out Sydney

When Time Out catches Amrita Hepi on the phone, the dancer and teacher has just stepped off stage from a performance for 6,000 people, including the PM, in Perth, with Indigenous dance company Ochre.

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How Beyoncé Changes Our Brains During Exercise

If Beyoncé changes our brains during exercise, it’s because she’s changed our bodies first.

Dazed Digital

The dancemaker using Rihanna medleys to liberate and inspire

“It was an expression, and we threw our bodies into the air like children, momentarily and blissfully unchained by the years of expectation burdened upon us...”

Ladie network

The Ladies Network

Amrita Hepi

It’s a pretty big deal to be able to say you’ve empowered hundreds of women to shine through dance, but that’s exactly what Amrita Hepi does for a living.

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David Jones

David Jones: Watch This Space

She’s been dancing for “as long as humanly possible”. Diana Ross, Grace Jones, anthropologist and choreographer Katherine Dunham – they are her inspirations, but it is the people in her communities (both friendship groups and ancestry) that are her heroes.