A Caltex Spectrum 


A Caltex Spectrum

Originally commissioned for the Keir Choreographic Award through the Keir Foundation/Carriageworks/DanceHouse and Australia council 

Winner of the People's Choice award by the Keir Foundation 

Is it possible to transcend class through movement, or do society’s inscriptions remain firmly imprinted on the body?

Three performers conduct an embodied exploration of cultural corporeality.  Navigating a complex physical entanglement of social function, a motorbike and somatic assumptions.

They have you surrounded. Dualities intersect, as codes switch ‘n cruise the oily spectras of colonialism: the civil versus the savage, loneliness, joy, survival and the fantasia that surrounds colour, rage, a motorbike and the body. 

Through, sound, monologue, and all-consuming physical presence, performers blaze through the commodification of freedom as we know it, and dances of social mobility over time. 

A Caltex Spectrum unravels your material multiplicities.

 Visuals: Sophie Penkathman Young

Styling: Matthew Stegh 

Sound: Daniel Jenastch and Sarah Scott