(Perfomance 2015/2016) 

Using the notion of racial passing as a catalyst for a series of movement monologues, spoken word passages and physical conversations, PASSING maps two bodies under pressure from the responsibility that comes from being of mixed cultural background.

A trans-pacific partnership of physical force, PASSING combines Amrita Hepi's prowess and background in contemporary dance with Jahra Wasasala’s grounded and ritualistic choreographic style to create a provocative, complex and deeply magnetic work — a physical dialogue that exists between two daughters of diaspora.

Brought together by some of Australia’s most talented creatives including an original score by Lavern Lee (Guerre, Cassius Select, Black Vanilla) and styling by installation artist Honey Long, PASSING is an evocative portrait of the ‘exotic’, and the exhausting effects the title can bear.

Full visual essay on PASSING here, press essay here

Choreographers/performers Amrita Hepi and Jahra Wasasala
Music Producer Lavern Lee
Costumes Honey Long